Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Good Morning. I hate my keyboard so much . now go back to the topic, Sometimes it is good to be fool than clever. Nice to be inoscent than smart. I dont know why they lie so good .For me you can say frank or honestly than to betraying person who trusting you. Work hiding things
then traced it is really feel so bad.
If you hurt someone it is fun for you cos you made is so good by cheating it. But somehow you will also feel and experience what you did
as betraying through others they will also do it like you did . 100 percent
Your not happy and will pay for it.
Be honest and frank clean your conscience is better. Hiding and cheating
is like you are Robering something. Very bad. You will not be happy at the end.People are not thesame sometimes there are some people when hurt it will never forget and bring it till die.and this is scary things and makes you suffer .

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